Why GrasshopperHerder?

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The title of this blog is not meant to imply that I am some sort of zen expert at jumping the lean shark with a pivot.

Grasshopper Herder refers to my morning routine when I lived in Nashville, TN. I woke up every morning and collected all the grasshoppers that crawled in under my door (apparently they liked the cool air) and put them back outside. There was nothing mystical about it although I was doing quite a bit of Kung Fu and Tai Chi at the time.

So if you came here looking for the mythical “expert” to answer to all your questions, you may have to look elsewhere.

I can only promise you more questions and my own attempts to find some answers.


Tristan Kromer pokes, prods, and questions startups. He’s spent 10 years in the music industry, worked 5 years in IT security, lived in 5 different countries, studied philosophy and business (separately), and generally made a nuisance of himself for the past 3 years in Silicon Valley as a lean startup advocate.
Tristan Kromer