Here’s a growing list of products I use and love:

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Zapier Let’s you quickly plug two web services together. It’s great for hacking together MVPs based on things like google sheets, email, and unbounce.
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HeapAnalytics does analytics in a way that makes sense for startups. Since you don’t always know what the best metrics are as a startup, Heap captures everything and let’s you parse the data and define metrics AFTER you’ve collected some.
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Buffer Let’s you quickly schedule your tweets, FB shares, LinkedIn posts to go off according to best possible times instead of just ad hoc. Helps you keep a consistent social presence, even when on holiday! Also works with teams.
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Mailchimp is a great, easy to use mailing list tool with very robust APIs for extended development when you graduate beyond a landing page.
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Eventbrite allows you to set up a payment page in minutes. It’s meant for events, but you can use it for anything, even product sales in a pinch.
contactually Things
Contactually is a personal CRM of sorts allowing you to set up drip campaigns and get reminders to follow up with important contacts. logo1 Things
WriteThatName does through your inbound emails looking for signatures with contact information and updates your address book. Huge time saver!
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Moo prints business cards and has a rush option for when you’ve got a just in time sales call for a company you haven’t actually started yet.
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Trello is a simple collaboration tool in the style of a kanban board. Very flexible, but without the ability to limit work-in-progress. If you join, please ask for this feature!
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Shoeboxed takes your pile of receipts and scans it for you. I keep a Shoeboxed envelope on my desk and just throw all my receipts in it. They take care of the rest and I stop wasting time on menial tasks. Well worth it.
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Instacart does your shopping for you with same day delivery. How does this help your startup? By keeping you well fed and not wasting time on your shopping. I use them for event catering as well.