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Well…it’s New Year’s Eve and I’m ready to head out. How did my Four Startups in Four Weeks go?

…sooooo close….

With less than 24 hours to start and finish my last startup, there really wasn’t much of a chance of finishing up…

BUT I did manage to deploy something to a live server: StartupGoblin.com

1/10th Baked

It’s utterly embarrassing and I doubt anyone can tell what it’s for, let alone use it. I’m almost pretty certain anyone signing in with LinkedIn will discover at least one bug related to your name.

The idea is simply to provide a review site for startup tools and resources. Anyone can go, login, add a resource or reviews.

There’s even a 5 star rating system….which doesn’t work. (Damn you ajaxful_rating gem! If not for you I would have finished!)

The Good News

On the plus side, this last startup really did serve it’s function. The lack of time definitely managed to stop me from building too much or making it overly complicated.

I have more to say on this point, but the moment, I’ve got to get on the three piece suit and head out to see the Fela! band rock out for New Years.

My resolutions?

  • Finish what I’ve started this month
  • Keep it simple


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