Lean Startup Fail Fast | Impending Doom and Early Releases

lean startup fail fast- This week we’ll be letting a few users into our early release of startupSQUARE.com and in the tradition of the lean startup, we’re rather embarrassed about it.

It’s buggy, it’s ugly, and it probably just won’t work.

But we’re going to throw it out there anyway for a few select people who can mock us about it to our face so we can get early feedback.

Improvement via Trauma

One of the things we’d like to achieve with this early alpha release is a bit of trauma.

We know what’s wrong with it already and we’re motivated to improve, but we’ll be a lot more motivated after the brutal feedback we’re about to receive. Not only is embarrassment a (good?) motivator, but we hope to receive a list of things that we absolutely must fix before our users would consider using it a second time (lean startup fail fast).

If we’re lucky, this list will be the same list of must haves that we’ve already generated internally. If so, we know we’re on the right track. If not, we’ve made a serious error and getting that feedback now might save us some heartbreak.

Tiny Tiny Dancer

Also, important, we’re still learning and that means taking tiny steps.

Although we’ve got a lot of experience between us, and even run some companies before, this is a brand new ball game and we need the practice. We could go for the gusto and try to run right out of the gate, but we’d likely just fall flat and never be able to recover.

By taking small steps, we know we’ll fall a few times, but they’ll be falls we can live with, recover from, and learn to avoid.

We’ll also learn to pivot before we hit the wall.

Back to Work

Enough said. This is a brief post because…well…I’ve got work to do. Have fun with your own startup and get it out there!

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