The Majesty of Elmo

By Tristan Kromer

Elmo, the cute red monster from Sesame Street, in our supply caddyIn the past few months, Elmo has been making frequent appearances in our office. He can be seen here in our supply caddy which we bring to every in-person meeting.

Elmo provides a very specific function in our meetings aside from being generally delightful and soft.

Elmo stands for





It’s a fun way to let someone (usually me) know that the point was made, understood, and further pontification is unnecessary.

As someone who is frequently on the receiving end of Elmo, I can personally say that this is the most joyful way I’ve ever been told to shut up and I really don’t mind it.

Sometimes Elmo slowly creeps into view. Sometimes he dances. Sometimes I just notice him sitting in the caddy and shut myself up. Sometimes he shows up in jpg or gif form during remote conversations when we’re collaborating on a google doc, a trello board, or mural. His majestic presence helps ensure that our conversations stay on point.

Elmo in space stepping on a fake planet

I highly recommend adding Elmo to your toolkit. He adds a welcome efficiency to conversations and a warmer alternative to rolling your eyes or zoning out.

UPDATE: I can’t remember who originally introduced me to ELMO as an acronym. If it was you, let me know in the comments to I can update the post.

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