– Startup 3 of 4 is loose and in the wild!

Thanks to a considerable amount of deployment help from Doug I’ve managed to release another quasi-startup into the wild:

It’s crude and barely functional.

Actually, I think barely functional might be a stretch, but you can sign up and post your request for a co-founder or an advisor. So that’s a start.

The functionality is less than I’d hope to make it a real product, but I’m just thrilled that after less than a month of learning ruby that it works at all.

…and now…after long days and nights…I’m taking an 8 hour nap.

After that…I have two days to create another app from scratch to meet my Four Startups in Four Weeks self challenge! Wish me luck and a good night’s sleep!


P.S.: For those that were interested, I’ll make some improvements next week and start promoting it in the new year.

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  1. Brandon Corbin says:

    Tristan, first off I wanted to send my regards related to closing down StartupSquare – I’ve been there when I had to close my recruitment advertising agency after our biggest client pulled out, I know how tough it can be. But I’m happy to see you’re still pushing; keep it up and here’s to a successful 2011, and let me know if there is anything I can do to help in design or promotion.


    1. Tristan says:

      Hi Brandon,

      Thanks very much! I will definitely let you know when I’m really ready to promote one of these products. Now it’s time for some decent alpha testing and make sure I’ve got the minimum features. Maybe another week or two of coding to get something reasonable together.

      Thanks again,

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